We are always TRU to our MUNCH

We are what we say and deliver what we promise. We were born to be authentic, try new paths, innovate and make mistakes only to get better along the way. TruMunch was born as the perfect snack anytime, anywhere!


Simple ingredients

We are free of Gluten, artificial colors, flavors or add-ons

Made in Peru

We come from one of the best culinary destination in the world

Clean label

We are honest about what is in our products. Simple ingredients, easy to read labels

Let us introduce ourselves!

A cereal bar turned into balls

Peanuts & raisins

Choco peanuts

Orange & pecans

Fruits & nuts

Coming soon

A crunchy and rich mix of nuts that goes with everything

Green mix

Candied peanuts

Blue mix

Where can you find us?

Super Markets

Online Shops

Convenience stores

Vending machines & others


Represented companies correspond to the Peruvian market

We believe that the coolest thing, is being your Tru-self.

Contact us!

If you have comments, suggestions or have an interest in reselling our products, fill up the information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.