You’ve got a sweet tooth? We’ve got good news…

Trunuts Peanutmix is actually good for you!  We use only top-quality roasted peanuts which are filled with healthy fats. Some are left alone and some are covered with panela (pure unrefined whole cane sugar) and then coated with yummy sesame seeds and quinoa grains for additional health benefits. Oh, and we even added some extra fiber to improve your metabolism.

Have a little, have a lot! You can get a single serving in the individual bag or share the goodness in the doypack with someone you really love.



Mixture of candied peanuts with panela and fiber with roasted peanuts.

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts, soluble dietary fiber (FOS), panela, sesame seeds, quinoa grains, cloves, cinnamon, natural vanilla flavor and treated water.

Contains allergenic products: Peanuts (peanuts) and sesame

Produced and packaged in a plant that processes peanuts and tree nuts.